Automatic warehouse machines bring about efficiency and improved ergonomics

– The automatic warehouse machines which Logistikas Ltd has invested in will further improve the quality, ergonomy, and cost-efficiency of the operations of Lakari. Automatization enables the possibility of creating a completely new service concept to online store customers, Juha Hauta-Heikkilä describes.

The mapping and investigation were completed in fall 2018, and SSI Schaefer Finland was chosen as the deliverer of the equipment. The installation of the automatic machines will be executed near the end of May and the machinery will be put into use for the first time in June.

– The most important phase of the project is currently in action, and they are now determining the placement of the products into the automatic machines and the regulations for controlling them. They are simultaneously planning the placements of the additional equipment needed for the most efficient use of the machinery, Hauta-Heikkilä explains.

The measures of the automatic machines are 3 x 4,5 x 10 m (depth x width x height). A single machine has 64 platforms, and on each of them, 10 plastic boxes will be placed to function as storage. It is possible to divide each box into seven different parts, which means the maximum amount of storage places would be 17 920 pieces.