Blog: The logistics business is based on trust

Author Toni Brigatti is the CEO of Logistikas Ltd

Trust is a key factor in any partnership, and logistics services are no exception. A customer who purchases warehouse logistics as a service gives up handling the finishing touches of a product before sending it to the customer.

This is a sensitive matter which must be handled on time and correctly when considering the content and markings of the packages, for example.

A company which has just started operating and is new to the industry will most likely find winning the customer’s trust to be a significant obstacle, especially when references from past partners are partially or entirely missing. To exaggerate a bit: at times the customers are convinced of the inability of others to adequately ensure the successful delivery of their products.

Trust and the responsibility it brings is an honor. Responsibility is not a burden, but the utmost manifestation of trust.

Logistikas Ltd recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary since its establishment. We celebrated this occasion on the seashore of Rauma and reflected on the history of the company. We take pride in the ability to still provide services to a customer who has followed the growth of the company since day one and grown together with us. This is all thanks to mutual trust between Logistikas Ltd and its partners.

Logistikas is lucky in many ways, as we have been able to collaborate extensively with different companies, such as the nuclear power plant, the shipyard of Rauma, the defense forces and other demanding clients from the technology industry. For a long while now, we have not lacked demonstrations of successful past partnerships. Logistikas is grateful to its clientele for the confidence and trust in the company!

I suppose my trial period has also recently ended (15 years). This feels like a good basis to build on in the future.