High Peak builds interesting brands

The CEO of High Peak Finland Ltd, Teijo Virtanen, has over thirty years of experience from productization and branding. High Peak recently turned 20 years old as a company.

– High Peak started out from small products, such as keychains and pins, for example. We first sold for wholesale and then moved onto selling directly to B2B customers when we could offer other products, Virtanen brushes up old memories.

The CEO of High Peak Finland Ltd, Teijo Virtanen. (Picture: Elmeri Leo / Bonde Ltd)
The CEO of High Peak Finland Ltd, Teijo Virtanen. (Picture: Elmeri Leo / Bonde Ltd)

The brand selection of High Peak includes the product lines for Finland’s national ice hockey team and WRC rally. These products are sent to the customers from the logistics center of Logistikas Ltd in Lakari, Rauma.

– We have delivered WRC products to 70 different countries, and we send products to 45 different countries monthly. The most common destinations are England, Spain, Estonia, the USA, and Japan, Teijo Virtanen explains.

– 95 % of WRC products are sent abroad, but the same percentage of the ice hockey merchandise stays in Finland.

Why Rauma?

High Peak has stored their WRC and ice hockey merchandise in Rauma since fall 2018. Prior to this, their products were stored in Poland and Turku with different companies. Both of the product lines are sold in separate online stores, and orders come in with a steady flow which means products are sent out around Finland and the entire world daily. The efficiency and precision of the logistics operations, therefore, play a crucial part in the success of the company.

– We began looking for alternative options for the logistics operations we were carrying out at the time. We considered various partner companies on the scale of the entire Europe and put out a request for bids to the whole continent. But of course we were hoping to find a reliable, domestic partner, the CEO of High Peak states.

“Previously the warehouse for WRC products was in Poland. We decided to search for a new logistics partner with a key location in Europe. Well, I thought Logistikas had just that.”

– Teijo Virtanen

We had many excellent offers, but the main reason High Peak chose Logistikas Ltd was the reliability of their company leaders and their extensive history on the field.

– Things are as transparent as they should be, which makes the partnership much easier to work with, Teijo Virtanen describes.

The CEO of Logistikas Ltd is thankful for the given trust. The company is currently heavily investing in online store logistics. They are installing a warehouse automation system to Lakari during spring 2019 and online store integration is also being worked on.

– The competition of the bidding offers was tough but fair. There is plenty of competition in the field of logistics, but we put forth our very best every day so that our partners can benefit from efficient operations, Brigatti concludes.

High Peakin toimitusjohtaja Teijo Virtanen ja Logistikas Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Toni Brigatti tuulettavat hyvän yhteistyön kunniaksi. (Kuva: Elmeri Elo / Viestintäosakeyhtiö Bonde)
The CEOs of High Peak and Logistikas Ltd celebrate the successful partnership (Picture: Elmeri Elo / Bonde Ltd)

The tips of Teijo Virtanen to a successful online store

1. The brand must be interesting

  • The brand can be built to be bigger than the product or service itself (for example, CAT is bigger as a brand compared to Caterpillar earthmoving equipment).

  • The brand must be able to handle productization and refinement. Productization and the collection must be able to sell well.

  • When the brand is productized, the quality of the products must meet the expectations of the brand. If it does not, another transaction will never happen by the same consumer.

2. Marketing

  • What kind of marketing is created considering each brand and their target group, so that when the product meets the consumer it is compelling and creates the decision of a transaction?

  • Where and how will the consumer find the product and be introduced to the brand?

3. The online store itself is a big part of the customer experience

  • 70 % of the online store customers visit the store on mobile devices.

  • The use of the online store must be easy – it must be compatible with mobile devices, the computer version alone is not enough.

  • The online store must work on different devices and platforms so that the experience of the consumer stays positive and the quality of the brand stays the same in the eyes of the consumer.

4. The chain of logistics must be quick and efficient

  • The packaging of the product must be appropriate so that the customer experience is cohesive.

  • Functions after the purchase and the good quality of customer service, such as responding to questions about orders quickly and accurately, matters.

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