Kirittäret towards the new season as the reigning champion

The future of Finnish baseball is being built in Jyväskylä together with a strong partner network. The will to win lies deep in everything that is done.

In the picture from left: Eeva Mäki-Maukola, Petri Kaijansinkko and Kati Tanhua

Jyväskylä’s Kirittäret is one of the most successful clubs in our national sport, Finnish baseball. The women's Superpesis team celebrated its second consecutive Finnish championship last autumn.

- As the reigning champion, we started the series as a favorite to win. We had a good team, but several injuries during the regular season made the road a bit rocky for us. We headed for the playoffs from 3rd place in the regular season and fought our way all the way to the championship, says Petri Kaijansinkko, Kirittäret's Club Manager and Second Game Manager.

He adds that the team may not have been fully believed in outside the club.

- However, the will to win lies so deep in our culture that the team's and the club's own faith was strong all the time. In the finals, we made winning solutions in tight spots. Everything we did, showed that we did not have fear of failure.

The most recent championship was already the tenth one in club history at the adult level. In Jyväskylä, Finnish baseball plays a big role.

- Everyone’s used to success here. This is reflected, for example, in the fact that the regulars have a good audience, but it multiplies when you start playing for medals. The average audience for the entire season rose to about a thousand viewers.

Partner network on record growth

Challenging times such as the prevailing corona situation are elevating partners to an even more important role. For Kirittäret, fundraising began as early as last autumn, which has greatly eased the situation.

- We will make better sales than any club in the entire history of the women's Superpesis. The entity will be around 277,000 euros, which exceeds the initial budgeting and brings good growth compared to last year, Kaijansinkko praises.

- Our partners trust us and our opportunities to succeed. We have good players and our club has a positive image in every way.

Logistikas is involved in supporting Kirittäret's operations. The collaboration began last autumn, when Kaijansinkko, who also worked with Finnish baseball and hockey in Rauma, noticed the logistics center of a familiar company in Jyväskylä.

- I contacted Ari Salmi. He said that they would need to bring out the Säynätsalo office in this area and felt we were a good partner. With Toni Brigatti, we finalized the deal just two days later.

Logistikas will appear in the game trousers of Rauma-based Kati Tanhua and Kirittäret captain Eeva Mäki-Maukola, who also played in Rauma Ferasa.

- We have had an active year, during which we have gained about 60 new partners. It is great to get a new player in the area, like Logistikas, into our operations.

The minimum goal is a medal

The women’s Superpesis season kicks off on June 12th. Matches can be played until the end of July, subject to a limit of 500 people. Clubs are currently awaiting further guidance from the authorities on special arrangements.

- This 500 people restriction includes the audience, players and officials. I've measured our stands and we can accommodate up to that amount in accordance with good safety margins i.e. 2 - 3 meters, Kaijansinkko stresses.

There have been a lot of changes in the lineup since last season. Of the five players left out, two moved on to other clubs and three ended their careers.

- We have got good young and more experienced players in our team. Itä-Länsi level player Jutta Myllyniemi, our own home-grown Ella Mäkelä and Fera's home-grown Kati Tanhua are important reinforcements.

- Despite the challenges posed by the corona virus, a promising winter is behind us. We are aware of the fact that we may not start the season from the top, so to speak, but right from third place behind Pori and Tampere.

Goals have been discussed, but their final setting will come in the near future.

- We set out to work so well during the winter that we can set a goal for the medal. Over the next month we will agree on a final goal together, but at least we are aiming for a medal, Kaijansinkko assures.