Logistics expert Kai Yli-Houhala: "We manage a large entity centrally from one place"

At the Olkiluoto entity pipes and other construction materials are currently being loaded onto the car. Logistics coordinator Kai Yli-Houhala is satisfied with the completion of the cargo to Posiva's final disposal facility.

"Ideally, the car moves all the time. That is, when the truck comes up to the ground, the next truck is already waiting. The products currently being departed have been ordered this morning at 9 am and will be delivered to ONKALO by 12 noon,” Yli-Houhala says.

”We respond quickly to needs. As an example, a moment ago we were called tomorrow morning about the products we needed, which the contractor also ordered through the Lockmaster system later in the evening. The phone call gave us a good response time so that the materials will be in ONKALO tomorrow morning.”

Yli-Houhala is familiar with the area and its operating methods, as he has worked in the disposal facility area for 15 years. First, he worked for 2006-07 in SK-Kaivin Oy's mining duties in ONKALO. The duties of warehouse manager began in spring 2007. At the beginning of 2010, he transferred to TVO's personnel and from there to Logistikas Oy in August 2015.

”I have a work history in the mining industry, as well as in logistics. In 2007, I started making a warehouse for Posiva, which later expanded into a tool warehouse. My own experience in the mining industry has been very useful at Posiva's ONKALO site. Over the years, I have moved mining-related materials that require detailed know-how. In addition, the systems used in the area and the people we work with have become familiar over the years. All this makes everyday activities easier.”

Current information about the going, the coming and the existent

Logistikas Ltd's role in the day-to-day operations of the area is very important. Long experience in storing and transporting goods is one big asset.

”We are able to manage a large entity centrally from one place. This greatly simplifies the daily lives of both Posiva and the main and subcontractors. I have up-to-date information on what stuff is coming and what is going on as well as what we have in stock. In that case, everything can be found quickly," Yli-Houhala says.

He shares the praise for Logistikas Ltd's four-person team for their daily success. Diligence and orderliness are emphasized, as is pressure tolerance and the ability to live in a rapidly changing everyday life.

”Skilled guys, I trust everyone. They do their job really well. Everyone is able to work independently and knows the entire field of activity and its requirements, for example in terms of safety.”

Yli-Houhala and his crew work five days a week from monday to friday. When the working day is over, Yli-Houhala will drive a little over 100 kilometers inland to his hometown of Sastamala.

”Photography is a big part of my free time. I enjoy nature with the camera. I might hide for five hours in a tent photographing birds. It’s a good counterbalance to a hectic work routine. The commute is 218 kilometers a day and it is a good time to think about the past or future work day depending on the direction,” Yli-Houhala smiles

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