Logistics expert Risto Hintsa: Development is done while doing work

Risto Hintsa has 15 years of versatile experience in industrial packaging.

Logistikas Vaasa produces demanding packaging services for industry. Long-term workers know the requirements of their work as well as the customers' equipment and their needs. The know-how that comes with experience is emphasized when there are products that require new types of packaging.

One of the professionals in the six-person packaging department is Risto Hintsa. He is currently installing a plastic cover over the customer product packed in a large wooden box.

"I make all kinds of industrial packaging. For example, I carry out wrappings, foil packaging, cage cabinets, rust protection and sea and air export packaging. Industrial packaging is such a versatile job that no day is the same," says Hintsa.

”I have a photographic memory. Once I've seen the drawings, I remember the things in them. Previously implemented packaging methods may be useful in development work, and thus packaging methods can be further improved.”

"Our supervisors value and utilize our know-how. We discuss different ways to implement packaging."

Hintsa has 15 years of versatile experience in industrial packaging. He started in the field in 2008 in the service of Vaasa kojeisto, now VEO Ltd. When VEO outsourced its packaging operations to Piccolo Packing Ltd in the fall of 2012, the logo on Hintsa's work clothes changed at the same time. He moved to Logistikas in connection with the acquisition in the summer of 2021.

"Already in the first two months, I noticed that Logistikas invests in employees. For example, the work clothes arrived quickly and the top management visited here. We employees are listened to.”

"We don't just implement what is requested, we fulfill the needs in the best possible way," says Hintsa.

Continuous improvement in cooperation

The work of an industrial packer is both independent and close teamwork at the same time. The mutual skills of the packaging department support each other, and the more experienced teach the younger ones.

”We have a team that gets things done, where everyone knows what needs to be done, and if they don't know, then they come to ask me. I am happy to share the knowledge gained through experience. The best way to learn this work is by doing and reading drawings”, says Hintsa.

This experience and professionalism is utilized both internally and in the direction of customers. Hintsa says that sometimes familiar customers call him directly to ask how the products should be handled so that the packaging process goes as well as possible.

”Our supervisors value and utilize our know-how. We discuss different ways to implement packaging. They implement the plans and instructions according to which we act.”

Hintsa knows that you learn best by doing and reading drawings. The photographic memory is a big help in his work.

Packaging operations for sea export of demanding industrial sectors are not carried out on the same scale anywhere else in Finland. High quality and the principle of continuous improvement are matters of honor for everyone at Logistikas.

”We think carefully about how to do the work so that the packaging can withstand various logistical needs and requirements, such as sea and air freight. If we notice that the planned packaging method requires development work, we will inform the customer about it immediately. So we don't just implement what is requested, but we fulfill the needs in the best possible way.”

When the workday comes to an end, Hintsa often heads to the swimming hall with her 12-year-old son. Free time will also be spent at the cottage.

”We go fishing and relax in the peace of the cabin. The best way to relax is to do nothing at all. I also follow online how industrial packaging is made around the world. This way I learn new things all the time and develop my own skills”, Hintsa states.