Logistikas 25 years – Promises and agreements are kept

Metsä Fibre's Rauma pulp mill, which is part of the Metsä Group, was completed in 1996. Initially, it was planned to build its own large storage facilities, but in the end it was decided to use an outsourced storage service provider. The operator in question was initially Materpoint Ltd, whose business was bought by Contu-Trans in 1998. This is when the cooperation between the pulp mill and the company that currently operates under the name Logistikas began.

Metsä Fibre's selection of the right partner was particularly influenced by the location, high-quality storage facilities and the price level. Continuous development of operations and cooperation also play an important role.

The Rauma pulp mill has always operated in a so-called network-like way of operating, where certain areas, such as the demolition of incoming wood, property technical services and the maintenance of outdoor areas, are subcontracted. In this way, the pulp mill invests its own resources in core competence and the partners take care of the functions of their core competence areas for the pulp mill.

"Short response times, reliability and a focus on development, as well as uncomplicated interaction are the key factors for a successful everyday life."

One such network cooperation is the storage service implemented by Logistikas. The pulp mill itself has a smaller distribution warehouse where three to four people work. Logistikas stores all larger spare parts in its own premises, such as electric motors and gearboxes and lubricating oils.

"Some of the products arriving in Rauma pass through the pulp mill to Logistikas and certain products are directed directly to Logistikas. Logistikas receives and shelves the products in its own premises, after which the pulp mill receives information about the received goods. From Metsä Fibre's own ERP system, we can see the goods at Logistikas and they deliver them to the factory upon order, according to needs, within a response time of two hours, regardless of the time of day and day of the week", says Metsä Group's Investment Sourcing Manager, MG Sourcing and Logistics Arto Kankaanpää.

Warehouse workers Matti Temonen, Harri Toivonen and Rauni Kinnunen, and Investment Sourcing Manager, MG Sourcing and Logistics Arto Kankaanpää.

"Over the course of 25 years, every delivery has taken place within that time frame, which already says a lot about the high level of the service we receive – promises and agreements are kept. Production-important supplies are sometimes needed very quickly, because if the factory has to be shut down for one reason or another, every downtime hour is expensive", Kankaanpää describes.

The importance of Logistikas is also emphasized during downtimes for the factory's annual maintenance. At that time, the necessary materials may arrive six months before the installation, so Logistikas stores all the materials needed by the pulp mill and delivers them in agreed units and at the agreed time to the desired location in different parts of the mill area.

"In 25 years, every delivery has taken place within the agreed two-hour response time."

Metsä Fibre congratulates the 25-year-old from Logistikas, and thanks for the good cooperation.

Arto Kankaanpää
Investment Sourcing Manager, MG Sourcing and Logistics
Metsä Group