Logistikas 25 years – Jyrki Lehti: More guts, planning and Salmi than chance

In the corporate world, 25 years is a very respectable age. Growing up in that borderline is no accident, and it's not about luck. The growth of Logistikas has required work, will and perseverance, as well as strong visions, the courage to make tough decisions when necessary and the ability to change along with the demands of the surrounding world.

Personally, I have been able to follow this journey from the very beginning in various roles. In my opinion, the single most important factor for Logistikas' 25-year life has been a clear owner and strong ownership control. We already cooperated before Logistikas was founded, and even then I noticed Ari Salmi's strong and clear plans for the future. He knew from the beginning what he wanted this company to become one day and how to do it.

Ari has had a good vision of what kind of expertise he wants for the company's board. The composition of the boards has changed in appropriate cycles and the personnel choices have always been focused on supporting the chosen strategy. The views, experiences and network of professionals from different fields take the company in the right direction. I myself have a long experience in port operations, forwarding and chartering, as well as an entrepreneurial background in the field. At the beginning of the millennium, I had the honor of serving on the company's first board consisting of external persons.

"In my opinion, the single most important factor for Logistikas' 25 years has been a clear owner and strong ownership management."

Over the years, with Ari, the management team and colleagues on the board, we have had many interesting and mutually encouraging discussions, which have also helped to develop Logistikas. Through this, mutual trust has also been created among the people who belong to the core group who have worked in the company for a long time.

One of the absolute cornerstones of Logistikas' rapid growth is Ari's strong personality. He understands large entities and their parts in an exceptional way. He has always had his eyes and ears open to the things happening around him and has also been able to effectively apply his experiences to the development of the company.

25 years is already a long enough period that it can accommodate both ups and downs. As a counterweight to successful recruitments, unsuccessful solutions have also been made over the years, which caused a momentary dip in operations in the last half of the decade at the same time as the change in the customer field. These come up in practically all businesses, so the most decisive thing is how the ship is steered out of the storms back to clearer waters.

Jyrki Lehti at the concert of the Iikles band at the opening of the Lakari logistics center in 2015.

In these situations, the owner's strong willpower and ability to steer the ship in the right direction, as well as the whole crew's unison, have come to the fore. Logistikas has always taken good care of its personnel. In terms of business, Logistikas' strength has been a very comprehensive mix of customers from different industries. This has created a strong foundation and security in the unexpected challenges brought by world changes.

Logistikas has always been able to listen its customers, and through that the company have been able to create new operating models, which create new successes, satisfaction and further development. Through commitment to customers, openness and flexibility of operations, we have been able to show the value that Logistikas brings to the everyday activities of its partners.

"It's been incredibly great and educational to see different perspectives in several different roles. I'm grateful that I've been trusted and that trust has also been shown."

I have had the honor of being involved in the operation of Logistikas in several different roles. I have worked, among other things, as a small owner, board member and partner, made sales, been a customer and tenant, and worked as support and sparring help. One memorable memory is also the gig of our band Iikles at the opening of the Lakari logistics center in 2015.

It is easy to look to a bright future from a great history. I see that the Logistikas ship is being steered into the right waters right now. The company must be able to be a front-runner in everything it does in a proactive and planned manner. This includes, for example, operating methods, progress in the value chain, finding and keeping the right people, as well as investments and taking care of staff. An important role is played by a strong owner who has the desire to grow and who is also able to make it possible together with the current, well-functioning management.

On my behalf, I would like to thank Logistikas and all the wonderful people with whom I have been able to move this ship forward. It has been incredibly great and educational to see different perspectives in several different roles. I am grateful that I have been trusted and that trust has also been shown.

Warm congratulations to Logistikas, which has grown into a group over the past 25 years, and all the best for the next 25 years.

Jyrki Lehti