Logistikas 25 years - Ville Nieminen: A strong own identity

I worked as the operational manager of Piccolo Packing Ltd and Piccolo Solutions Ltd when Logistikas bought the business of both companies in the summer of 2021. Right from the start, I saw this change as a great opportunity.

We quickly found synergies between different units, through which we are able to produce added value for our customers. We also received wider support in Vaasa in terms of HR, sales and financial matters, so we have been able to focus even more precisely on the main tasks according to the areas of responsibility.

The sales organization in particular has brought considerable added value to the daily work. We have sparred with old operating models and thereby brought new things to the service offering of customers in the Vaasa region. One good example of this is connecting the services related to the port of Rauma into our service chain. As an export and import port, Rauma is a significant transit point on the scale of Finland, which we use as much as possible also in providing the services of our inland units.

It was great to notice how Logistikas invested heavily in the personnel side right from the start, for example with the help of the Quality Managerial Work program and a comprehensive personnel survey. During the last year, we have accelerated the growth path of the company's internal career, as well as expanded the know-how to more people, which in turn creates security for the future and prolongs personal risks..

"Right from the start, I saw this change as a great opportunity."

25-year-old Logistikas has developed its own identity and a strong customer base. The company's reputation and service offering are strongly intertwined around the services in Rauma, for example in the form of dock operations. A strong foothold in the so-called hometown is a great reference, especially now that Logistikas is going through a growth phase, expanding its service network and presence in different parts of Finland.

Important factors in the future are finding and keeping competent personnel in the company's service. The constantly changing world and operating environment require the company to increase the multi-skills of its personnel. Flexibility and the ability to react quickly are emphasized in the logistics sector. We must be constantly vigilant and create an environment in terms of both facilities and resources, where our responsiveness is top-notch on a daily basis.

"Logistikas has developed its own identity and a strong customer base."

The slogan "Solutions for easy management" is a key factor in our future success. Logistics is most often the sum of many services, which we create ease by offering long service chains where the customer gets the services he needs as a whole through us.

The 25-year history of Logistikas is very rich and wonderful. Work has been done on many fronts in order to make the group what it is today – the absolute top of its field. We, today's employees, create this moment and the future together every day.

Ville Nieminen
operational manager
Logistikas Oy