Logistikas and Euroports: The route of western Finland starts from the port of Rauma

In the cooperation, Euroports focuses on the port's internal operations, and Logistikas takes care of transportation and storage.

Logistikas and Euroports Finland, the operator in the port area of Rauma, have intensified their cooperation. The special skills of two strong professionals in their own respective fields create good conditions for an agile, cost-effective and environmentally friendly logistics pipeline.

Large electrical steel sheets on coils are moved in the Rauma harbor area. The cargo is unloaded with experienced techniques and the goods are transferred to Logistikas' warehouse to await transport. This is the second cargo of the intensified cooperation between Logistikas and Euroports.

In the past, steel coils were imported to the ports of cities in southern Finland, from where they traveled to storage, mainly in eastern Finland, and from there on to the end customer on the west coast. In the spring of 2022 Markus Viitanen, the sales manager of Logistikas, held development discussions with the customer in question about streamlining and making the logistics chain more efficient.

Viitanen was also in contact with Euroports Finland's sales manager Mikko Ahtola, with whom the whole project and its various parts were reviewed. It was quickly noticed that the best solution would be the close cooperation of two experts in their respective fields.

”We both have our own customers in this connection, and depending on the terms of delivery, either we buy the necessary services from Euroports or they order them from us. Euroports focuses on the port's internal operations, and we take care of transportation and storage”, says Viitanen.

Logistikas Ltd's sales manager Markus Viitanen (left), Euroports Finland Ltd's sales manager Mikko Ahtola, Logistikas Ltd's transport manager Petri Kaurtola and transport coordinator Heidi Merisola.

The first batch of approximately 2,500 tons of steel coils arrived at the end of July, and the second at the turn of September and October. The cargo brought last was larger than before, as steel coils came from no less than 3,700 tons. Euroports also took care of customs clearance of the cargo.

”We have now shown the customer the reliability of delivery, and how the logistics chain work until the coils are on their lot. Now the customer knows how Euroports handles the material, how they get a view of our storage balance and how the material goes from us to the customer”, Viitanen explains.

”With these two delivered batches, we have developed ways of working, whether it is already customs-cleared or non-cleared goods. When the next batches arrive, we know how to act as they require”, Ahtola adds.

Rauman sataman ja laadukkaan satamaoperaattorin merkitys on Logistikaksen arjessa erittäin suuri.

The need for buffer storage was reduced

Logistikas drives the ordered steel coils from Rauma's warehouses to Vaasa directly to the customer's site. Cargoes leave Rauma three times a week on average, but if necessary, transports are made more often. The goods arrive the morning after the order at the latest.

”Our warehouse in Rauma relieves the customer of the need for a buffer warehouse. Sure, they have a certain batch ready there, and we deliver more stuff on the agreed delivery schedule. With a reliable logistics pipeline, the customer no longer has to pre-buffer goods in the same way as before", Viitanen says.

According to Logistikas' transport manager Petri Kaurtola, compared to so-called normal project logistics, it is more of a storage-type service.

"We store, collect and send the goods. Although the material is significantly larger than usual, we have machines for that purpose, which are used to process them. In a certain way, we talk about the operation of a steady flow of goods, Kaurtola says.

In addition to agility, cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness are emphasized in the new cooperation. Containers are no longer hauled inland, but are unloaded by Logistikas immediately on the coast.

”This way the containers can be returned to circulation as quickly as possible. This creates savings for the customer, and also increases the attractiveness of the port of Rauma. Carrying an empty container for long distances is neither cost-effective nor environmentally friendly”, Viitanen reminds.

Logistikas' warehouse in Rauma relieves the customer of the need for a buffer warehouse.

New traffic to the port of Rauma

Rauma is an export and import port, where the main focus is on forest industry products. In 2021, Euroports handled a total of approximately 4.5 million tons of goods, of which imports accounted for approximately 1 million tons. Cooperation with Logistikas creates a new foothold for the port operator for such imports that do not tie up warehouse resources.

”The importance of the port of Rauma and a high-quality port operator is very important in the daily life of Logistikas. The export and import materials of many of our customers go through them. Euroports' operations are face-to-face and we know each other and trust each other's expertise. This makes it easy for us to transparently offer such forms of cooperation to our own customers”, says Viitanen.

Cooperation with Logistikas creates a new foothold for Euroports for imports that do not tie up warehouse resources.

At Euroports, steel coils have not been handled in a similar way before, but if they have arrived in Rauma, the coils have been in containers. Euroports Rauma already has versatile equipment and wide-ranging expertise, which facilitated a new kind of process.

”Logistikas is a large and well-known logistics operator with good contacts with the end customer. We are doing our part to help the success of the transport chain. We will continue to work for the common good and will study with a sensitive ear what opportunities we have together to rationalize logistics chains”, Ahtola states.