Logistikas ensures trouble-free and transparent logistics service

Toni Brigatti ja Ari Salmi, Logistikas Oy

In a house in the heart of Vanha Rauma, two men are currently standing in a stylish office space where people have discussed ice hockey and the shipyard of Rauma amongst other themes. This time, the topic is logistics.

The founder, owner, and chairman of Logistikas Ltd, Ari Salmi, and the second of the two owners of Logistikas, CEO Toni Brigatti, sit at the table to reminisce about the history of the company which dates back twenty years.

– We have put our hearts into this company. Sometimes it has been hard and we have faced many obstacles, but I never lost sight of the ultimate goals we had for the company, CEO Brigatti states.

– I am extremely proud yet humbled by the constantly ascending curve of our company, and that our success has been reached by treating employees well and always bringing the best to the table for the customer.

A small and agile pilot boat as the help of large ocean liners

Brigatti and Salmi’s fast-flowing speech unfolds all the benefits and the value added produced for the customers by Logistikas as the expert of its field. They use countless metaphors for their company and partners.

– Logistikas is almost like a small pilot boat of the highest quality, operated by extremely competent personnel. Our customers are large ocean liners, who cannot quite function as quickly as they want to or stop at every port. That is when an agile and flexible yet competent partner is crucial, Ari Salmi describes the way Logistikas Ltd operates.

– The pilot boat has the absolute responsibility for safe operations with great quality and is also accountable for providing the best possible service to the customer – even when the conditions are difficult.

Transaction-based pricing makes the final cost transparent

The clientele of Logistikas Ltd consists of companies of various size which operate in different industries and countries. All are connected by their wish to take care of their logistics operations efficiently and with a competent partner.

– We have operated with transaction-based pricing for a long time, but until now there has not been much discussion about it amongst the other large companies of the industry. Thanks to the transparent transaction-based pricing, the customer will know the exact pricing of the entire logistics chain since the beginning and will experience no surprises or hidden costs at the end. This makes pricing of products for online stores and calculating the profit much easier, Brigatti explains.

– This way the cost of logistics is also flexible according to seasons and amounts of operations and the services themselves become flexible and predictable.

Ari Salmi ja Toni Brigatti, Logistikas Oy

A continuous logistics chain

In certain partnerships, Logistikas also participates in the production process and ensures they are continuous. In practice, this manifests as a close collaboration of both of the companies, efficient leading of the logistics processes and integrated information systems. All of the said qualities, combined with transaction-based pricing, have often resulted in prosperous operations.

– The term “in-house logistics” is thrown around meaninglessly these days, Ari Salmi criticizes.

– The main goal in our in-house logistics model is to ensure the continuous, undisturbed production of our customer. The experts of Logistikas Ltd are always responsible for the management of the operations, we use our own information system which works with the one of the customer effortlessly, and we can also work in our own facilities. We are not a company that simply rents workers to our partners.

Yet another contrast to the renting of workers is also the smarter, more efficient manner of allocating employees, Brigatti and Salmi mention.

– Our personnel is extremely competent and committed, and the turnover rate is incredibly small. This ensures a continuous chain of logistics which also demonstrates quality. We focus on producing value added to our logistics services instead of renting workers to other companies.

Organic growth

Many obstacles have been faced during the long journey of Logistikas Ltd, and many of the employees and customers have worked with the company through difficult times. Mutual respect, transparency and the trust generated by the two have been a key factor in the past of the company, but will also be crucial in the future of it.

– We have preserved a passion for entrepreneurship. The foremost goal of ours is growth and advancement by always finding better solutions for our customers. I am happy to say many of our employees and partner companies share the same objective, the CEO of Logistikas, Toni Brigatti, concludes.