Logistikas Ltd's locations: Olkiluoto

Comprehensive outsourcing of logistics helps customer companies to concentrate on developing their own business and when performed in a professional way it enables significant cost savings. Logistikas Ltd.’s profit center has been responsible for the logistics of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant and its construction projects in the immediate vicinity since 2016. In addition, warehousing services in other departments of the company bring flexibility to space solutions and human resources. This long-term partnership has created a basis for deepening of co-operation. High standards in the energy sector, both in terms of safety and quality of operations, characterize the service production of our Olkiluoto business unit.

Logistikas Ltd, in addition to traditional storage services, also provides internal transport services within the Olkiluoto area and through its partner network domestic and foreign freight, transport services within the Rauma economic area, and passenger transport. Value-added services cover minor purchases, tool storage management, quality control, information system guidance, heavy items handling, and packaging management.

Logistikas Olkiluoto

FI-27160 Eurajoki

Phone: +358 2 8376 9600
Email: info@logistikas.fi