Responsibly as part of the community's well-being

Responsibility, transparency, agility and the feeling of doing things make up the values of the Logistikas Group. Personnel are cared for and offered opportunities to advance in their careers, the surrounding community is taken care of, and actions in accordance with sustainable development are carried out. Values realized in everyday life move the level of service forward.

The values guide how the company operates, produces its services and takes care of its personnel and the environment. In the Logistikas Group, values are not just words, because the value path runs through the entire organization.

Responsible operation equally means a prosperous company, personnel and the surrounding community. One part of this is measures in line with sustainable development.

”We are implementing the green transition in accordance with the planned steps. The world cannot be finished all at once, but one thing at a time,” says Logistikas’ CEO Toni Brigatti.

In daily operations, attention is paid to, for example, energy efficiency and recycling. Diesel-powered machinery will be replaced by electric-powered ones as far as possible.

”From fossil fuel heating methods, we are moving towards district heating. In addition, we have switched to LED lighting in many places.”

Conversational and communicative everyday life

In the spring of 2022, the audits of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards were carried out in the group. For the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, a unit-specific environmental survey was carried out, where the most significant environmental impacts were reviewed.

”With the help of certifications, we create a safer operating environment for all personnel. They are also used to carry out, among other things, annual inspection measures,” says Brigatti.

It's about doing something concrete together – growth and everyday life are created with an open mind. In operational activities, one of this year's main goals, i.e. a debating and communicating organization, has been implemented.

”We are creating a new kind of management culture, for example by means of common meeting practices. The theme weeks deal with productivity, quality, safety and the environment in different ways, i.e. the points of the value path of a responsible company. By involving the personnel, we increase awareness and develop responsibility together,” says operational manager Ville Nieminen.

Regional well-being and appreciation

In addition to the environment, taking care of the company and its skilled employees is a responsible activity. When the business is profitable, the company is also able to take part in supporting regional well-being. Logistikas provides versatile support for both professional and children's and youth's sports and cultural pursuits.

”We are looking for growth and we are interested in new opportunities. We want to be part of the communities in which we operate. By making things possible, we advance the well-being of our domains. Some collaborations are marketing, others focus on support,” says Brigatti.

A successful customer experience is produced by the well-being of personnel. The feeling of doing something right comes from the fact that skilled professionals are valued.

”The work must be meaningful, safe and stable. We do things equally and value every expert, from the chairman of the board to the summer employee.”

Transparency and accessibility are part of a responsible operating method. This can be seen both in the direction of the staff and the customers.

”Our partnership is based on the fact that the customer knows in advance what the service costs. In situations where the cost structure is treated, we are ready to open our accounting and do things together openly.”

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