Several new job assignments in the Logistikas group

New job assignments have been made in the Logistikas group. From September 1, 2022, Olli-Pekka Reunanen has served as the administrative director and Saija Salmi as the financial director. With the growth of business, Logistikas strengthened its organization by recruiting ICT expert Antti Lehto, who as an experienced expert in the field manages the group's information management functions.

Already earlier in the summer, Ville Nieminen was appointed as the group's operational manager and Ari Mäenpää as the head of the Vaasa unit. Mika Tuovinen has started as a new foreman in the Rauma shipyard unit, and Teemu Huhta in the same position at Logistikas Vaasa Ltd.

Saija Salmi is the CFO of Logistikas group and Olli-Pekka Reunanen is the administrative director.

Action plans guide development

Olli-Pekka Reunanen, who moved to the position of administrative manager, has been HR manager of Logistikas since 2007, and over the years has been responsible for various other tasks in the company. In the future, Reunanen will be responsible for managing ICT and HSQE functions in addition to personnel matters. He is also part of the company's management team.

”I see the changes made now as a good way to develop our organization. These are natural steps in a growing and developing company. With the new task, my overall responsibility increases, and I now look at the entirety and its parts from wider perspectives than before,” says Reunanen.

"My area of ​​responsibility will continue to include the HR side, so the change will not affect the everyday life between me and the staff. Action plans guide continuous development work, which means continuous improvement of HR, ICT and HSQE functions.”

Saija Salmi, who now became CFO, has been working for Logistikas since 2018, and her area of ​​responsibility has grown rapidly in recent years as a result of the expansion of the company's business. Salmi is a member of the company's management team and secretary of the board.

"The goal of this change is to clarify the operations of the financial side of the group both internally and externally. My job doesn't really change, but the new job title says more clearly that I answer directly to the CEO about finances," says Salmi.

When she started working at Logistikas, she was responsible for the finances of one Logistikas company, while today he is responsible for the group, which includes four different companies in addition to the parent company.

”In my work, the emphasis is on streamlining and developing financial management processes, so that monthly reports and financial statements can be efficiently completed on schedule. A sensibly built financial organization and close cooperation with different parties create a successful everyday life.”

Antti Lehto brings modernity, unity and operating methods appropriate to the size of the company to the IT side of Logistikas.

ICT plays an important role in business growth

Antti Lehto, who started as the group's ICT expert on August 1, 2022, is an experienced IT professional who has worked in the field since 1988. At Logistikas, Lehto's responsibility is to plan, manage and implement activities and development projects related to the company's information systems, networks and ICT solutions.

”Logistikas was looking for a person for that position, and I showed my interest. Through the discussions, my interest grew even more and I was selected. I am grateful that I got such a great opportunity at this point in my career. I now get to contribute in my own area of ​​expertise to the great growth career of Logistikas,” says Lehto.

He previously worked in a similar position at Rauma's shipyard company Rauma Marine Constructions Ltd. In the past, Lehto has worked in various IT tasks in the fields of electricity, software and information security, as well as as an IT entrepreneur in Uusikaupunki.

”Logistikas is one of RMC's important network partners, so the company was already familiar to me in many ways. The transition to the new position was therefore very natural. I have known founding partner and board member Ari Salmi and CEO Toni Brigatti for a long time.”

Lehto will visit all Logistikas Group units in the near future. During these visits, he gets to know the methods of operation and the employees.

”I know from experience that business growth causes that not all things in the background necessarily progress at the same pace as turnover and personnel. This requires a lot from systems and protocols. Logistikas has a good foundation in the IT side, to which my task is to bring modernity, unity and operating methods appropriate to the size of the company.”

Ville Nieminen started as operational manager and Ari Mäenpää as head of the Vaasa unit on June 1, 2022, read more here.

Ville Nieminen (left) works as the operational director of Logistikas Group and Ari Mäenpää as the head of the Vaasa unit.