Sievi Capital acquires Logistikas Ltd and Logistikas Hankinta Ltd

In a transaction signed on October 29, 2020, Sievi Capital Plc has agreed to purchase a majority stake in Logistikas Ltd and Logistikas Hankinta Ltd. The acquired companies will form a new group to be established in the future. The transaction is subject to the approval of the competition authorities and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

Sievi Capital buys 70% of the companies' shares, and the previous owners Olderman Ltd (a company wholly owned by Ari Salmi) and Werstas Works Ltd (a company wholly owned by Toni Brigatti) will remain a minority shareholder in the group to be established. Jyrki Lehti is leaving ownership.

The acquisition has no personnel effects in Logistikas companies. Of the current key personnel, Ari Salmi, Chairman of the Board, will continue on the Board, and Toni Brigatti will continue as CEO. The company's head office will remain in Rauma and the name and logo will remain unchanged.

Sievi Capital gives more strength and support to Logistikas, which is growing strongly

The acquisition is based on the Logistikas’ well-growing business, and the desire to develop and continue to grow.

- Logistikas is at a stage of growth where wider shoulders bring good opportunities to further accelerate our growth and expand operations to new locations and services. I believe that Sievi as an entrepreneurial, industrial owner is a good fit for Logistikas. The development of the Logistikas companies is now taking an interesting leap into the future, says Toni Brigatti, CEO of the Logistikas.

Sievi Capital is a listed (Nasdaq Helsinki) private equity company that makes long-term investments in small and medium-sized Finnish companies. The company acts as a partner of the management and co-owners of the portfolio companies, and as an active owner, supports the growth and value building of the portfolio companies. Sievi Capital represents Finnish family entrepreneurship. The company's involvement will enable Logistikas to grow faster and develop their business in order to gain an increasing market position in the growing logistics sector.

- The logistics industry is very interesting and it is great to get involved in the next phase of growth of the companies together with the current main shareholders. I believe that Sievi Capital's expertise and resources will help us succeed together in significant growth and development in the coming years, emphasizes Päivi Marttila, CEO of Sievi Capital.

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