The automatic warehouse machines are a great advancement

Logistikas Ltd has the ISO9001 quality certificate which has the purpose of encouraging companies towards internal leadership and better quality of customer operations. Kimmo Haarala from DNV GL has been in the field of quality control since 1988 and has worked with Logistikas as long as the company has had its certificate.

DNV GL:n Kimmo Haarala vierailulla Logistikas Oy:ssä

According to Haarala, Logistikas Ltd has always taken the quality of their operations seriously and with the minuscule amount of exceptions, their work has almost always reached the set standards.

– Even though there have been changes in the clientele of the company and increase in their reach on the field during the years, it seems quality has always been a priority for Logistikas, Haarala states.

Quality certificates and the inspections they bring about are not in fact required by the law, but there are industries in which partner companies see the certificate as essential. Accreditation is a method based on international criteria and can be used to effectively measure the reliability of a company. Customers, authorities, and others in the industry can rely on the transparency of an accredited company because the quality of its service and the authenticity of its profit claims are guaranteed.

– It is often an asset in competitive bidding in which especially large customer companies think highly of the quality certificate. It directly confirms that quality is paid attention to and taken seriously, Haarala concludes.

Quality service benefits to both parties

– Quality audits and the continuous improvement they bring are simply an excellent way for a company to inspect what the customer receives. Of course consultations are not what we do, but we rather check whether the quality of the operations reaches a certain standard. Even so, our work frequently highlights the next possible step for improvement, which the companies are usually eager to take, Kimmo Haarala comments.

A machine makes fewer errors

Kimmo Haarala thinks Logistikas Ltd made a smart choice in investing in automatic warehouse machines in the logistics center of Lakari.

– The amount of mistakes made by humans is much higher than the number a machine makes. This improves the overall quality, Haarala explains.

– I salute the owners of Logistikas Ltd for their vision and courage to invest this significantly in automatization. I see this as an exceptionally large investment on the scale of Finland.


Kimmo Haarala has worked in the field of quality control since 1988 when the ISO9000 certificate was published. He has worked as a consult in large Finnish companies. This year will count his 23rd year on the payroll of DNV GL. Three of the 23 years with the company he lived and worked in Moscow.

DNV GL is an inspection institute which was established in 1864 by a foundation and has 12 000 employees. The profit the company makes is put back into investigation and development work.

FINAS is the Finnish governmental body which accredits – certifies and approves – laboratories, certification organizations, inspection institutes, and environment and emissions trading verifiers.

Kimmo Haarala's TOP 3:

  1. Accreditation ensures quality for an organization both internally and externally

  2. It also works as a stepping stone to improvement for an ambitious company who want to further enhance their operations

  3. If different organizations have the same auditor, they can give the auditor the right to utilize the information gathered from audits, which makes their activity even more efficient.