TVO Plc and Logistikas Ltd: A successful and open cooperation since the beginning

In fall 2016, Logistikas Ltd took over the logistics operations in the area of the nuclear power plant of TVO corporation. In addition to traditional warehousing services, the 2016 contract includes all transportation in the area of Olkiluoto, domestic and foreign freight through the network of partners, courier services in the industrial area of Rauma as well as the transportation of various passengers. Added value services cover small purchases, warehousing of tools, participating in quality control, guidance and improvement of the enterprise resource planning system (ERP system) of TVO, handling heavy objects, and managing packages.

The manager of procurement and logistics services for Teollisuuden Voima Plc, Mikko Alapeteri
The manager of procurement and logistics services for Teollisuuden Voima Plc, Mikko Alapeteri

The manager of procurement and logistics services for Teollisuuden Voima Plc, Mikko Alapeteri, highlights the importance of good and transparent cooperation in a successful partnership.

– What is special about our cooperation with Logistikas Ltd is its quality since the beginning, and they have really taken us to the next level as a company by developing new sides to our continuing partnership. The administrative template of the services we have purchased has proved out to be effective when considering further improvement. The openness and efficiency of the operations at hand has really made this partnership special. The reactions of Logistikas are incredibly quick in changing circumstances, which in turn makes us see the offered service in a positive light as a customer.

– It is also great that we have been able to buy procurement services from the same company. Logistikas takes care of all our small purchases annually, Alapeteri praises.

The secret to a successful cooperation?

Mikko Alapeteri believes a well-functioning procurement and logistics partnership is based on something very simple.

– Our specific area of expertise in TVO is to produce electricity. In turn, our partner is an expert in storing and transportation. It is important that our companion understands our expertise and how to combine it with theirs, especially considering the safety culture in the nuclear power industry and the expectations it sets. The awareness of Logistikas Ltd creates trust and confidence in their operation methods.

Even good partnerships face obstacles and something can always be improved. Alapeteri reminds that the nuclear power industry differs from many other businesses in its requirements.

– The most evident obstacles TVO corporation faces are definitely related to putting into action the safety requirements set by an external factor. In the nuclear power industry specifically, we have slightly different practices than in any other company, Mikko Alapeteri concludes.

Mikko Alapeteri’s tips for a successful and good quality procurement and logistics partnership:

  1. Make the terms of the partnership clear during the process of making the contract, and together ensure both parties comply with the terms as the partnership proceeds.

  2. The service provider should aspire to bring more to the table than any other average partner would. Practice added value-oriented thinking while planning later improvements of the partnership.

  3. Our partners must have the patience to keep away from operation-related work and focus on managing the services – let the service provider concentrate on their area of expertise, so we as the customer can concentrate on ours.