Our values


Mutual transparency creates authentic partnerships. Finding the most favorable solutions and effective means of operating for the customer requires sincere trust from both participating parties of the cooperation. Sustained monitoring and refining of the process aims for improved competitive advantages of the customer.


We operate as sustainably as possible and combine expectations and objectives of the company and stakeholders. We also supervise our own economical profitability and competitive advantages. Awareness of environmental impact, complying with the law and recognizing essential future modifications are all part of our company culture. We act responsibly towards all our stakeholders, such as our own employees, customers, local residents, partners and various organizations.


In rapidly emerging logistical needs of the customer, an agile partner is the solution to the obstacles of any company despite its size. A customer oriented, dynamic and flexible response to changing conditions is one of the most important elements of the Logistikas-concept as the company grows.


Competent and committed personnel forms the essential backbone of a service product and is therefore one of the most important core values of the Logistikas-concept. By focusing a significant amount of resources to employ qualified people for work tasks and supporting their success, we achieve the wanted outcome and operating quality.