Logistikas Oy – Logistics services

You can focus on your core business by leaving logistics operations in control of professionals.

Our values

Citius, Validius, Firmius

The term "logistics" comes from ancient times. Ancient Roman, Greek and Byzantine armies had logistikas , important officers in charge of cash flow and maintenance.

The significance of systematic management for success was understood already in those times. The engineering feats of the Romans continue fascinate posterity. They built road network in Europe. These roads were/are astonishingly straight, and, indeed, many are still in use. They carried out even the distribution of water with high efficiency by constructing stunning aqueducts and used cement made of aggregate collected from the base of the volcano Mount Vesuvius.

Logistikas wants to uphold the legacy of Roman logistics in efficiency and profitability. Our motto could, in the spirit of the Olympics, be citius, validius, firmius – faster, more efficiently, and more reliably.



The transparency of operation creates the preconditions for the right sort of partnership. In order to find the right solutions and effective approaches for the customer, this calls for open trust on both sides. Continuous monitoring and development of operation is aimed at improving the customer’s competitiveness.

Information System

Logistikas-LogMaster was created by integrating the accounting system, the work hours-tracking system, the reporting tool, the exception management system, and LogMaster. This development work has provided a reliable basis for measuring and monitoring the activity. Logistikas-LogMaster is flexible and versatile, and it's integration with the more common ERP systems (SAP, Proteus, Navision, V10, Baan ...) has produced many positive results and case examples.


In the face of rapidly changing logistics needs, an agile logistics partner can be a decisive factor in resolving many major challenges. A customer-centered, dynamic and flexible response to change is one of the key elements of the Logistikas concept as it proceeds along its path of growth.

The can-do attitude

Experienced and committed employees form an integral part of the service product itself and are thus one of the cornerstones of the Logistikas concept. By targeting significant resources and special attention to finding the right people for each job and supporting their success, we can achieve the desired outcome and level of action.


The company's own logistics centers and sites are located in the immediate vicinity of the major ports along the west coast of Finland and within their natural area of impact. These locations have proven to also promote the location of the technology companies that are included among our customers.