Logistikas Oy – Logistics services

What is project logistics?

Logistikas Ltd's service concept of project logistics includes import and export projects for various forwarding companies. 

The actual manufacturers of the products are commonly from the preparatory industry, and handling their logistics requires experience and expertise. Logistikas Ltd has offered project logistics services since the establishment of the company, which in turn has brought over 20 years of experience.

The terminal of Logistikas Ltd is located in Rauma in the close proximity of the third most active port in Finland in its shipping container transportation.

Logistikas is able to adapt to changes in the number of workers and equipment needed according to the customer’s needs, which is incredibly important when considering the company handles everything from small boxes to elements which can weigh over a hundred tons.

Logistikas Ltd offers project logistics as a comprehensive, flexible and customer-oriented service to its partners. The export service offered by Logistikas includes transporting the products to the terminal, sea export packing including materials, and stuffing the cargo to the containers and flat racks before they are delivered to the port. The company's extensive network also enables export declarations and sea transportation.

The import services cover unloading and other terminal operations before transporting the cargo to the customer with the assistance of a contract transportation company. This way, the containers can be returned back to the port and used in other operations immediately which in turn results in lower expenses and reduced transportation. Container demurrage fees and other unexpected expenses related to delays are completely avoided.

Logistikas Ltd has a project packing department in which packing and delivery functions are performed daily and in two shifts each day if necessary. The seaworthy packages are constructed from elements optimized for container transportation.